Love Wholesome is a community campaign supported by Kenwood Appliances and its partners to promote awareness of healthy eating, local food producers, and home cooking with fresh ingredients here in SE Asia.

We encourage consumption that has a positive effect on the environment, economy, society and health. We hope to inspire the local consumer, the home cook, the farmer, and the greater community to reconnect with food and each other.

The Wholesome Process

You are what you eat. Knowing the provenance of your food not just for your health, but enables you to support sustainable producers who recognise we are caretakers of this world for the next generation.

The closer you are to the source of your food, the fresher it is! Supporting your local farms and food producers contributes to the diversity of your community and the resilience of your food supply.

Eat fresh where you can, and try to buy only what you need. Minimise wastage to minimise your carbon footprint. Be a socially and environmentally responsible consumer.

Cooking and sharing your food with friends and family is a tradition as old as humanity itself. Healthy eating starts in your kitchen. Take charge of your diet, and bond with those close to you.