Food Artisans

Shermay Lee – Packaging Peranakan Heritage

Award-winning cookbook author and renowned food consultant Shermay Lee has strong childhood memories of being in the kitchen with her Grandmother, herself a doyen of Singapore and Peranakan cuisine. As founder and owner of Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food, Shermay now presents the tastes of her heritage through her range of sauces, marinade, crackers, and curry powder. Here Shermay talks about her Grandmother, and the 50-year-old recipe that is the inspiration behind her Cilicuka, a sauce made of fresh chillies and vinegar.

Garden to Table: Dine and Learn in KL

To the untrained eye, Garden to Table’s green space looks like it has been left to its own devices a little too long. But founder Sce Hwai Phang says that each hanging vine, bush and fruit tree has been carefully placed to complement each other. More importantly, these plants provide the food and creative inspiration for Garden to Table’s adjoining private dining cafe – one of the more unique dining experiences in Kuala Lumpur. Phang, a food stylist and culinary consultant …

Avo & Co: Your Personal Shoppers for Super Fresh Produce

Imagine receiving a box of fresh fruits and vegetables that look and taste as good as your grandmother’s loot from the local farmers’ market. Now replace that mental image of grandma with two male millennials. Brothers Clement Chew, 27, and Cedric Chew, 32, are the founders of Avo & Co, a Singapore-based fresh produce delivery service that promises to make your life easier and healthier. Launched in 2016, Avo & Co takes the guesswork and legwork out of grocery shopping. It’s …

Sustainable Food Service

I believes that those who regularly cook should try to shorten the route of ingredients from the farm to the kitchen because when ingredients are bountiful they are also a lot cheaper and at their peak of perfection in terms of flavour and nutrition. When it comes to cooking it is not just about the taste and presentation. It is also about the environment, economics and sustainability. 2018 is hurtling like a speed train towards us and so are all …