Happy International Beer Day! We’re sure you’ve already stocked up with enough porters, stouts and ales to celebrate in style. Fortunately, your Beer Day party doesn’t have to stop at the beverages.

Loads of dishes call for a little beer, to add an edge to broths and gravies, thicken frying batters or introduce a little spice and bitterness. It’s just like adding a splash of wine, except this ingredient comes from a can.

Here are nine of our favourite recipes that call for beer.

9. Beer Can Chicken

This classic beer recipe (also called beer butt chicken) involves baking or barbequing a chicken with an open can of beer inserted into the bird’s rear end. It’s a touch vulgar, but as the beer steams through the meat it infuses it with the tangy bitterness of the beer. Experiment with darker or lighter brews to find the perfect flavour, and stuff in a few orange slices and cloves.

8. Beer Fondue

Beer is a classic add-in for fondue to thin the melted cheese without losing flavour. Use the right brew, and it can completely transform the palette of the dip – for the better! Try this recipe from Taste of Home.

7. Beer battered fish, shrimp…and pickles?

Beer is a great way to add depth and substance to a flour batter without skimping on flavour. The hoppy, slightly sweet crust on whatever you fry will pair excellently with whatever beer you happen to drink along with it. Fish and shrimp are the usual favourites for beer battering, but experiment with other ingredients like pickles, okra, onions, mushrooms and oysters. Try this versatile beer batter recipe from Food Republic.

6. Beer bread

Yeast to yeast, wheat to wheat. Beer and bread basically share the same ingredients to begin with, which means infusing your dough with beer is a simple trick for thick, rich bread with a slightly hoppy bite. (Recipe from genius Kitchen.)

5. Beer ice cream

Rum raisin is for kiddies. Time for a grown-up ice cream flavour—cold and bittersweet. Draft magazine has the finer details on concocting this dessert at home.

4. Beef stew with beer

Beer is an excellent way to punch up thick stews and gravies, especially with red meat and/or hearty vegetables like carrots, potatoes and mushrooms. This recipe from The Pioneer Woman calls for Budweiser, but darker stouts or porters should also do the trick. (Bonus: A beer/onion gravy recipe for the mashed potatoes!)

3. Tamale pie with mint yoghurt

A spicy, bold recipe from Bon Appetit that uses dark beer to moisten this American Southwest-inspired pie while adding to a blend of spices that includes chilli, cumin, garlic and black pepper.

2. Chocolate beer cheesecake with a pretzel crust

The Beeroness has concocted a dessert to blow the sweet socks off beer snobs and teetotalers alike. The beer in this recipe pairs with the cheesecake in the same way as the fondue recipe above, but here it adds a twist to the natural sharpness of the cream cheese. The added punch is balanced out with a more robust crust—made of pretzel!

1. Beer beer

Finally, you need something to pair with all these beer recipes. How about beer? Homebrewing is simpler and easier than many people realise (although it takes two or three weeks to ferment a batch). The internet has loads of great step-by-step guides, and check out Singapore’s own homebrew society for workshops, tastings or simply people to celebrate Beer Day with!

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