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Approaching cooking and baking with the idea of simple, fresh and natural, European cuisine expert Cecilia focuses on helping students turn a recipe into scrumptious food. To her, natural means free from artificial addictive and loaded with freshness. She even has her own herb patio garden where you can taste and smell the freshness of the herbs.


Chef Jes, resident chef at Buonissimo Culinary School, had an extensive experience in traveling to hidden corners of Europe and Asia. This has opened her mind and taste buds to different flavours of the world. Join her, as she teaches you how to cultivate unique cooking styles with fresh and quality ingredients.


Coming on the heels of Dean Brettschneider’s successful Baker & Cook artisan bakery, the Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School offers Dean’s famous wholesome flat bread and sourdough to all who want to learn it hands-on. Be sure to check out their other baking and cooking classes, or grab a coffee at the Baker&Cook café next door.


Bollywood Bhanchha is the farm-to-table culinary school by the famous Bollywood Veggies. Recipes are created from their farm fresh produce straight from their garden, promoting their support of local agriculture, sustainability, and a lifestyle of health. Classes are for children from age 8 all the way to big groups and private parties.