Food Artisans


Sapulah is spreading goodness all around with their artisan garlic herb butter spread made by two humble butter makers in the kitchen. The versatile sauce can be used as a spread for your toast, marination for your chicken and even a sauce for your pasta.

601 6714 9189


Milky Whey has been providing top-quality cheeses made right here in Kuala Lumpur. Combining foreign cultures, imported rennet and milk sourced only from local farms, a wide variety of cheese ranging from mozzarella to raclette is sold in small batches.

601 6622 0361


Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread is a wholesome, preservatives-free and made from scratch fruit spread. Using all natural locally sourced fruits, no water and organic raw sugar in small batches, the homemade fruit spread is delicious on toast, ice cream, crackers and even yogurts.

601 2323 8387


Merrynastion works with organic, high quality ingredients to create their premium handcrafted vegetable powders to boost our body’s natural immunity and health. Their vegetables are dehydrated at a low heat for up to 15 hours with no pesticides, preservatives and additives are allowed during the process to preserve the nutrients.


Mangolicious makes their jam from scratch without any artificial flavoring, preservatives and coloring. Using only pure, natural and premium ingredients to make their mango jams and chutneys, the jar is filled with a rustic flavor with a hint of goodful chunkiness.

601 2330 7848


Kemaman Fat Boy brings authentic Malaysian local delicacy, Keropok Lekor from Kuala Terengganu all the way to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. From clearing the fish, frying the fish to packing the Lekor, they produce their products Terengganu style using no artificial flavoring and coloring.

603 8957 2543