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Superlative Foods wholesome snacks and condiments uses only 100% natural and organically grown ingredients. All our products are handcrafted fresh in small batches and manufactured in Singapore! With state-of-the-art equipment, strict control standards and carefully engineered work processes ensure the freshness and quality of the products.


In 2013, SUCRE, which means ‘Sugar’ in French, created a gourmet truffle that proffers a new perspective; a traditional pastry that is inspired by the Southeast Asian pineapple tart followed by a range of unique mooncakes and cookies two years later. SUCRE uses quality ingredients to create pastries and sweets which are all 100% made in Singapore.


Shermay's Singapore Fine Food is a range of sauces based on Shermay's innovation as the chef-owner and heirloom recipes from her Peranakan grandmother. It is also inspired by Singapore's rich culinary heritage. It develops and distributes convenient ready-to-eat condiments and ready-to-cook marinades.


Since 2012, Tannie & Ezra, a.k.a. the Second Helpings bees and creators of Beenut Butters™ using all-natural nut butters made with honey, lovingly crafted with wholesome ingredients to bring to you edible goodness that will never contain preservatives or artificial flavouring.


Making ice pops in small batches and flavors changes regularly, Popaganda offers a healthier frozen treats that are not only fun but also friendly to the environment and the community. Made from scratch with natural, organic from local sources. No articifial sweeteners, preservatives or colorings, diary free and 100% vegetarian.


Poppy & Co. was started with the idea of bringing gourmet food and ingredients from around the world to local markets, introduces the signature locally made delicious range of Speculoos Cookie Butter products, created from the Speculoos cookies from Belgium, and our range of Organic Acai Berry pulp, one of the highest nutritional super-fruit.