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Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks created by Cheng 1947 represents the new wave of our business that combines 70 years of heritage and expertise in producing the finest and purest rock sugar. As well as promote healthy living and habits while having a great lifestyle and enjoy life, these naturally crystallised rock sugar sticks are ideal for anything.


ETTE TEA Company is a boutique producer of gourmet tea blends that are excellent in taste, and much more personal. Tea blending comes first with the focus on palate experimentation; balancing tea with other ingredients to form a unique product. Careful thought and precise tastings are involved leading to the creation of each individual blends.


Baking Blocks are avid bakers and we know baking can prove to be tricky. Our accumulated efforts over the years, sourcing for rare premium ingredients, resulted in these thoughtful packs; carefully selected and to be shared with fellow bakers.


A.muse Projects is a specialty tea company inspired by the beauty and elegance of tea by creating a distinct experience through our handcrafted tea blends. Each tea blend is specially crafted to bring you on a unique journey whether you are looking to start off your day on a bright note or in need of a midday pick-me-up or just looking to unwind.


A Juicery immense zest for tropical harvests and a collective opinion that conscious nutrition shouldn't be achieved at the expense of taste. Seeded by those simple thoughts, our eclectic juice menu boasts original recipes that have been conscientiously designed to tap into produce indigenous to the land around us as much as possible.