Culinary Schools

There is no better way to learn the art of cooking than to take a class. From knife basics to advanced baking techniques, there are classes and schools open to home chefs of all levels.

Culinary Schools


Coming on the heels of Dean Brettschneider’s successful Baker & Cook artisan bakery, the Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School offers Dean’s famous wholesome flat bread and sourdough to all who want to learn it hands-on. Be sure to check out their other baking and cooking classes, or grab a coffee at the Baker&Cook café next door.


Chef Shalu Asnani is here to prove that vegetarian food is not boring! Combining the secret family recipes gained from the kitchens of her childhood and her modern take on vegetarian cuisine, they offer healthy vegetarian food spanning a variety of genres and tantalizing menus through their food consulting, private chef and catering services.


Learning ArtZ is a fun new space for parents and children to bond over cooking and baking together. Bridge the gap closer as a family and foster greater bonds as you learn different styles of baking, cooking and even an authentic Thai cooking class by a Thai chef.


Food playground offers cultural hands-on cooking classes which brings people a cultural immersion experience to learn more about Singapore’s rich food heritage. They believe food speaks the language of Singapore’s heritage and this brings people one step closer to our local’s culture through local cuisine.


Described as the “Disneyland of culinary experience” by Singapore’s Business Times, CULINARYON lives by the concept of “Cooking is FUN”. They turn learning new cooking skills into an exciting event, truly an opportunity to have great food and a great time. Check out their popular SkillsFuture class if you want to take on professional lessons!


Using food and cooking to bring enjoyment to people, Cookyn Inc advocates the joy of cooking with their highly enthusiastic crew. Various cuisines from Spanish to Vietnamese are taught in the language of high quality ingredients. Book a class with them and indulge in the experience yourself. COOKYN INC