‘But it’s so far out and I don’t have a car!’

If that’s been your chief gripe about farmers’ markets, say no more. Sprout 2018 – The Farm-to-People Festival, is billed as Singapore’s largest farmers’ market… in the city. Centrally located at Suntec Convention Centre, this is one farmers’ market you can check out in air-conditioned comfort.

Held over a weekend in July 2018, this maiden event featured over fifty exhibitors who offered artisanal, small-batch produced goods, drinks and delicious foods. Organizers say nearly 24,000 people visited Sprout, and they hope to make this “urban” farmers market a regular event.

You can read more about Sprout 2018 on their official Facebook and Instagram pages, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the event in this video.

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