The Farmers’ Market @ Central Singapore is now in its third year running! This monthly event is one of the Central Singapore Community Development Council’s programmes advocating healthy eating. This roving pop-up mini market showcases a wide range of fresh local produce and other organic products.

For January’s installment, the market was held at Whampoa Community Club, a location primed to reach out to heartland residents and reach out it did indeed. The crowd ranged from young schoolchildren (mostly curious about the honeybees displayed at one stall) to elderly ladies with shopping bags haggling vigorously over freshly picked vegetables at an organic vegetable stall. The event was held just before the Lunar New Year, and festive decorations dotted the venue.

The market featured 16 local producers who sold cold-brewed coffees, protein smoothies, ethically farmed chicken, and homegrown honey, among other healthy offerings. Besides being an excellent platform for small local producers to touch base and interact with everyday Singaporeans, the market was also a great way for people to learn about and get a taste of sustainable produce and products that support healthy eating and living.

Watch highlights of what the market had to offer here.

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