Cake Kurma Raya – Icing and Fondant

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Here is a short tutorial on how to make the perfect buttercream that is able to withstand the tropical weather, and brief and easy way to decorate your cake with ready to use fondant. This is part two of the Cake Kurma Raya recipe.


50 gram egg whites
100 gram caster sugar
150 gram French butter, cut into cubes (chiller temperature)

1. Place a KENWOOD mixing bowl over water bath.
2. Pour in egg whites and sugar, whisk until sugar is dissolved.
3. Transfer the egg white mixtures to a KENWOOD mixer, and attach with a balloon whisk.
4. Whisk until medium peak.
5. Add in butter cubes and keep mixing until butter is incorporated with meringue. Transfer the buttercream into a pipping bag and get ready to pipe.

1. Round cutter
2. Geometric cutter
3. Round plunger
4. Craft knife
5. Alphabet cutter
6. Ruler
7. Rolling pin

2 eight-inch dates cake
1 recipe Swiss Meringue Buttercream
700 gram white rolled fondant
100 gram green rolled fondant
1 set mosque decoratives
some gold color
60 gram pitted dates, chopped

1. Trim off the top protruding parts of two cakes, spread buttercream on top of one cake.
2. Sprinkle with chopped dates.
3. Stack with the second cake. Crumb coat the two cakes with buttercream until smooth.
4. Divide the white fondant into three parts, roll the green fondant into mini cigarolls, slowly incorporate the green rolls into white fondant.
5. Knead together to create marbling effect.
6. Roll the fondant to 12-inch diameter.
7. Cover the crumb coated cake with the fondant.
8. Trim off excess fondant. Line with any patterns desired.
9. Decorate the top part with mosque design.

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