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Caramel Banana Coffee Cake

This insanely delicious banana coffee cake is made of four simple layers: coffee yoghurt sponge, caramel bananas, whipped cream, and caramelized almonds. It’s the easiest, quickest, most superb dessert cake you’ll ever assemble!

Rainbow Sandwich Cookies

Delicate and mildly sweet cookie sandwich with white chocolate and cream cheese filling! These rainbow treats are easy to make and would instantly become a festive holiday favourite. This Rainbow Sandwich Cookies recipe is shared by the innovative home cook Shartini who loves adding local flavours and creativity to her bakes. The full article from our friends...

Christmas Tree Croquembouche

Light choux pastry filled with rich chocolate cream filling! Here we’ve got these chocolate cream puffs scaled down to individual servings and decked up like a Christmas tree. It would not only this be delicious dessert but also a gorgeous table centrepiece. Our friends at Sharefood.sg share this Christmas Tree Croquembouche recipe by home cook...

Lemuni Crystal Skin Dumplings with Salted Fish and Bamboo Shoot Fillings

Lemuni is a perennial herb used by the Malay community of Penang and Kedah to provide a blackish hue to the common take-away nasi lemak sold by roadside hawkers. In this recipe of crystal skin dumplings, the skins are tinted grey with lemuni leaves as the herb makes its debut in the use of international...

Chocolate and Coffee Christmas Log Cake

A whimsical Christmas Log Cake with rich and bold flavours! The aromatic coffee syrup, layered with rich milk chocolate and completed with seasonal embellishments. Christmas is never quite complete without the traditional festive log cake. This sumptuous Chocolate and Coffee Christmas Log Cake recipe is shared by Ryan Khang. A chef, culinary instructor, nutritionist, food...

Ichigo Daifuku

Daifukumochi, or Daifuku, is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste and seasonal strawberries. We showcase an upgraded version here where in each mochi, we have included a thin layer of buttery sponge and strawberry buttercream for extra creaminess. This recipe yields 5 medium sized Ichigo Daifuku.