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Crispy, Chewy, Buttery and Topped with Lemak: The Kuih Bingka Gula Melaka

A Malay delicacy, the Bingka Gula Melaka is a soft, chewy and delicious traditional tapioca cake. With an inviting aroma of Gula Melaka and coconut milk, this treat is sure to be a family favourite.  More importantly, this is an extremely easy dessert for home bakers to whip up. This recipe uses KENWOOD Titanium Mixer.

Everyone Will Love These Easy Sugee Cookies

Soft, melt-in-your-mouth, with a light almond fragrance – sugee cookies are a familiar sight at many festive celebrations like Hari Raya and Lunar New Year. The secret to a wonderfully rich, buttery sugee cookie is in the ghee. A quick lesson on ghee: Ghee is a form of butter with certain solids removed, and only pure butterfat remains. It has an intense and nutty flavor, which is essential for a good sugee cookie. You should be able to find tinned …

Your Easy 3-Step Brownie Recipe

Who doesn’t love brownies? Do a quick online search for brownie recipes and you’ll find thousands of different ways to make this popular chocolate dessert. There’s fudgy brownies, brownies with cracked tops, gooey chocolate brownies… the list goes on. Today’s recipe will give you a classic chocolate brownie, but with an added twist – we’ve got a decadent chocolate glaze to top off your dessert! For a fun touch, you can add rainbow sprinkles on top of the glaze, or …

A Marble Cake that is Dairy-, Gluten-, Refined-Sugar- and, Most Importantly, Stress-Free!

With psychedelic swirls and a rich, buttery aroma, it’s hard not to associate the decadent treat with its heart-cloyingly unhealthy reputation. That said, it doesn’t mean that you have to approach this sweet and chocolatey cake with a ten-foot pole. We’re coming to the rescue with our dairy-, gluten-, refined-sugar- and stress-free Marble Cake recipe. Sounds almost too good to be true, but trust us when we say that healthy eating doesn’t mean giving up on your favourite desserts.

Chendol Log Cake

Yule log cakes or Buche de Noels are renown for their light and fluffy texture which is achieved by whisking the meringue to the optimal consistency, in this case, stiff peak, to incorporate air into the batter. With Kenwood’s Chef XL Titanium Stand Mixer, whisking and beating is made easier for us. This stand mixer unique fold function which mixes ingredients carefully without overbeating and variable speeds you can adjust for the ultimate control. Also, with the Spotlight function, a …

Chestnut Cake

This dessert is modeled after the famous Mont-Blanc Aux Marrons, a masterpiece formed of pureed, sweetened chestnuts covering whipped cream to resemble the snow-capped mountains. It is a bit labour-intensive because the chestnuts are braised for hours before they are mashed, but consider that our version calls for a soft sponge base topped with fresh cream and covered with a luxurious mound of merlot infused chestnut swirl. It is an absolute pure indulgence that will be worth your efforts. This …