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Raya Recipes: Almond Cookies That’s Easy And Tasty!

Yields1 Serving

Buttery, a little bit crumbly, with a warm almond flavour – almond cookies are a hot favourite during festivals like Hari Raya. And once you pop one in your mouth, it’s hard to stop yourself from taking another… and another.

almond cookies

 250 g unsalted room temperature butter
 100 g granulated white sugar
 2 cups of plain, all-purpose flour
 325 g of chopped almonds
 A capful of vanilla essence

Mix butter, sugar and vanilla essence in your Chef XL Titanium, using the paddle whisk attachment. When it’s well blended, you’ll know because the mixture has turned a fluffy pale yellow.


While the mixer is still going on, add in flour by the spoonfuls.


Add in chopped almonds and increase the mixing speed


Chill the dough for an hour in the fridge. Tip: It’s really much easier to work with chilled dough so the butter (and the mixture) doesn’t melt when you’re working with it.


Take the dough out and place it on greaseproof baking paper.


Roll it out until it is 1cm thick.


Use a cookie cutter and cut out small circular cookie shapes. Place the shapes on greaseproof baking paper.


Bake it in the oven for 20 – 25 mins at 160 degrees.


Let it properly cool and set before carefully storing them in an airtight container.