Fast Lunch Ideas – Creamy Carrot Soup!

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Yields1 Serving
Yields1 Serving

This soup makes a perfect starter for Christmas dinners, it is the explosion of flavour in this recipe that is so exciting – the use of carrots and cashew-nuts provides the sweetness and a thick, creamy consistency, while roasted chili and spices provide an extra dimension for the taste buds.

This recipe uses KENWOOD kFLEX.

Serves 2.


 2 carrots, peeled, diced
 300 g pumpkin
 1 large red chilli
 100 g roasted cashew nuts
 1 small shallot
 2 pips garlic
 1 tbsp olive oil
 1 tsp turmeric powder
 1 tsp cayenne powder
 1 tsp masala powder
 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt
 1 tsp mushroom stock powder
 1 tsp black peppercorn powder
 1 l vegetable/mushroom stock



Cut everything to smaller pieces; mix together in a bowl with 1 tbsp olive oil and spices.


Transfer the vegetables into a pan and roast in oven at 130 degrees Celsius for 30 – 40 minutes until softened.


Get ready a KENWOOD kFLEX and its blender attachment, put all ingredients in and 1 litre of stock.


Blend until fine.


Allow soup to simmer for a further 20 minutes then season with more salt and pepper if needed.


To finish, mix whipped cream with 1/4 masala spice, place the whipped cream on top of the soup, garnish with purple basil leaves and serve.

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This recipe uses Food Processors

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