Home Cooked Dishes

Classic & Easy Thai Fishcakes

Missing your favourite Thai restaurant? No fear, you can replicate some of their dishes right here! One of our favourite starters at a Thai restaurant are their fishcakes. The recipe we have here is almost a meal itself – packed full of fish (you can use any white fish meat – flaky ones do well), potato and herbs. The fishcakes are then fried to a light crisp on the outside, while still retaining its moist centre. We like pairing this …

A Cheesy, Crispy At-Home Snack You Can Make Yourself

For many of us stuck at home during this pandemic, it’s almost too easy to reach for an unhealthy snack over and over again. Sometimes you’re just bored – we get it! But how about putting together a snack that’s a little more healthy, but still packed full of flavour and crunch? We’re talking cheesy twists – quite reminiscent of childhood snacks – but this time, Mum won’t disapprove. This recipe makes around 100 crispy little twists, and the best …

Easy Breakfast Ideas For Your Morning Routine: Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

Whether you’re working from home or easing into the weekend, there’s no question that a good and hearty breakfast really helps to kickstart your day. We’ve got the perfect quick recipe for you – pancakes loaded with bananas, with an added dose of cinnamon. You can customize this recipe any way you like it – add sliced strawberries and whipped cream for a more indulgent treat, or perhaps some chocolate chips if you’re a chocolate fan. Also, with all pancakes, …

Your Quick At-Home Lunch: Spaghetti Carbonara!

Spaghetti carbonara (or pasta carbonara) – simple, filling and perfect to toss together for a quick mid-day lunch. A little tip for those making carbonara – you don’t actually need to use heavy cream! The creaminess of a simple carbonara comes from the mixture of eggs and cheese, and the heat from your just-cooked pasta to bring it all together. The best thing about pasta carbonara is that you probably already have these ingredients in your fridge! It’s just spaghetti …

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Meat from chicken breast and thigh are ground together and then stuffed with smoked turkey ham and good melting cheese. These rolls are then breaded and shallow fried until golden and juicy. A classic demi-glaze sauce is a perfect compliment for this Christmas dinner dish! This recipe makes 5 chicken roulades. This recipe is made easy with a KENWOOD Titanium Machine.

Fast Lunch Ideas – Creamy Carrot Soup!

This soup makes a perfect starter for Christmas dinners, it is the explosion of flavour in this recipe that is so exciting – the use of carrots and cashew-nuts provides the sweetness and a thick, creamy consistency, while roasted chili and spices provide an extra dimension for the taste buds. This recipe uses KENWOOD kFLEX. Serves 2.