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Seven Edible Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t already settled on a gift for your dad, here are some delicious culinary ideas that will hit the mark.

For the grilling dad: BBQ Sauce

Your dad is the king of the grill, but if he’s a meat-focused guy who always uses store-bought sauce, he’ll go crazy for a jar of authentic, homemade BBQ sauce for his ribs, chicken and roasts. Something to bear in mind though: there are several different schools of BBQ sauce philosophy, and different sauces pair better with different meats, so check out this list of BBQ sauce recipes by Taste of Home for some inspiration.

For the outdoors dad: beef jerky

If your dad is always heading out into the harsh wilderness, he probably eats a lot of beef jerky – a light, nutritious long-lasting snack enjoyed by lumberjacks, cowboys and other woodsmen since time immemorial. Jerky is surprisingly easy to make yourself from scratch and comes without all the MSG, preservatives and other chemicals found in store-bought brands. In fact, it there an entire sub-genre of jerky inspired blogs. Here is a great recipe for homemade beef jerky, and another for turkey jerky that would just make his day.

For the home brewing dad: root beer

Father’s Day is too close to properly brew beer, and your dad can probably do it better than you, anyway. But root beer, a traditional soda flavoured from the sassafras root, can be brewed in less than a week and beats the store-bought, processed, vaguely sassafras-flavoured soda every time.

For the sophisticated drinker dad: homemade engraved whisky stone

Ok, this isn’t edible so much as an edible accessory, but whisky stones – ice cube replacements that cool whisky without melting and diluting it – are right between “electric razor” and “golf ball polisher” in the list of most popular Father’s Day gifts. So why not carve your own whisky stones from soapstone? Soapstone is available at fine arts stores and online, and is easy enough to saw into small cubes and engrave his initials into.

For the disaster prepper dad: fruit preserves

Is your dad the kind of guy who, after watching Mad Max, bought a generator, hundreds of gallons of bottled water and several crates of dry oats? Make your disaster prepper dad feel at ease with long lasting, easy to make fruit preserves. While your sweet delicious preserves made from peaches, figs, plums and other fruit will require some time to properly age and thicken, simply give them to your dad with instructions to “wait until the time is right”. He’ll know what you mean…

For the hunting dad: red velvet armadillo roadkill cupcakes

Does your dad collect knives, subscribe to hunting magazines and say things like, “That’s when men were men!” while watching documentaries about the Vikings? Help him indulge his bloodlust with red velvet dead animal novelty cupcakes. Simply take the same principle as a red velvet roadkill novelty cake (stylized with special icing and fondant to look like an animal) and miniaturise it into cupcakes that he can share with the other dads at the deer stand.

For the sweet tooth dad: homemade Nutella

Was your dad always stealing your halloween candy? Did your dad promise to take you out to ice cream if you got an A on an exam, and then, when you got a C+, took you to ice cream anyway? You might have a sweet tooth dad, so make him a jar of delicious, scratch-made chocolate hazelnut spread.

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