Shanghai Egg Pouch Dumplings in Seafood Broth

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Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsCook Time40 mins
Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsCook Time40 mins

These Shanghai style dumplings make great comfort food for the family as they make a satisfying soup-based dish. They are called egg dumplings because the dumpling wrapper consists of a thin layer of beaten egg mixture instead of the more well-known flour-dough, providing an instant option for making dumpling wrappers. The dumplings may be soaked in a tasty broth as shown here, or may form part of steamboat fare.


 3 A-sized eggs
 1 tbsp tapioca starch
 ¼ tsp salt
 120 g minced chicken
 30 g prawns
 20 g crab meat
 30 g carrot, diced
 3 scallions
 40 g enoki mushroom
  tsp salt
 ¼ tsp white pepper
 ½ tsp salt
 1 egg white
 ½ chicken breast
 2 pcs flower crabs
 1 chicken carcass
 1 small water chestnut
 4 big empty prawn shell (including the head!)
 ½ tsp salt
 30 g gouji berries
 some Shimeji mushroom
 some baby cabbage



To make the seafood broth, boil some water and blanch the chicken breasts. To a stock pot, add the chicken breasts, crabs, prawn shells, carcass, jicama the 1 litre hot water. Let broth cook for 1 hours, then add the Shimeji mushrooms, baby cabbage and gouji berries and cook for another 15 minutes. Season.


Prepare the egg mixture for the dumpling wrapper. Beat eggs, corn flour and salt in a bowl. Let mixture stand for 5 – 10 minutes.


In a KENWOOD chopper, blend all the ingredients for the filling together until well combined.


In a small pan, heat a little oil (smear with a kitchen towel). Using a ladle, pour some egg mixture into the pan to around 3 inches diameter. Then place a spoonful of chicken filling in the centre. Fold the egg to cover the filling and create a half moon. Cook the dumpling on both sides to ensure the egg cooks and the wrapper is sealed. Repeat until the egg mixture and filling are used up. Once cooled, trim the sides of the dumplings.


Boil the broth with the egg dumplings, ensuring the filling is thoroughly cooked. Serve hot.

This recipe uses Choppers

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