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Your Very Own Homemade Kaya Recipe 🍞

Yields10 ServingsPrep Time30 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time55 mins

Ask anyone for their favourite go-to breakfast item and more often than not, kaya toast with two soft boiled eggs will be mentioned. It's not hard to see why - soft white bread spread with a generous amount of creamy kaya together with a thick slab of butter, enjoyed with milky tea or coffee - what are great way to start your day!

Kaya-toast-traditional-breakfast how to make kaya

 500 g castor sugar
 10 large eggs
 400 ml coconut milk
 10 pandan leaves, rinsed and cut into small pieces
 80 ml water

Place the pandan leaves and water into the chopper. Blend till fine.


Pour it into a muslin bag. Squeeze out 80ml of pandan juice.


Next we are cooking the kaya. Crack eggs into a large mixing bowl. Add in sugar. Using the Kenwood hand blender, attach the whisk to blend the sugar with egg.


Pour the mixture into a small saucepan. Heat it over low heat, stir constantly using the spatula till the sugar has fully dissolved.


Sieve the egg-sugar mixture, pandan juice and coconut milk into a bigger saucepan.


In a frying pan, pour in 2l water. Place a tablecloth in the middle, submerge in the water. Place the saucepan with the kaya mixture on it. Turn on medium heat, stir the mixture continuously for about 25 mins till the mixture starts to thicken. Switch off the heat once it has reached your desired done-ness.


Remove from heat. Use the Kenwood Triblade hand blender to smoothen the kaya.


Optional: If you prefer a smoother texture, you may put on the whisk attachment and give it a final whip.


Let it cool down and store it in the chiller for up to 2 weeks.

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