Valentine Sugar Cookies

Ever thought of doing cookies as giveaways but the thought of having to decorate them with icing and all, then cracking your head how to pack before all that icing melts away? Finally a decorated Sugar Cookie without all the worries to make & share this Valentine’s. The best part you can premake the dough way ahead, a definite thumbs up for the busy cookie lover

How to Throw the Perfect Pizza Party

Saturday, February 9 is Pizza Day, and how better to celebrate it with an old fashioned pizza party? Nothing is more fun than gathering your friends to mix and match ingredients and then watch it all come together in the oven. And don’t worry – homemade pizza using the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection isn’t as difficult as you think. First, check out a basic recipe. Next, set your amateur pizza chef guests up for success with these steps: Make the …

Mandarin and Dark Chocolate Entremets

An entremets is a multi-layered dessert cake with various complementary flavours and different textural contrasts. Many scoff at the idea that entremets are difficult to construct, because it involves more than one recipe to assemble, but when eaten as one, one would be amazed at how well these different components come together. In this recipe, we combine Mandarin orange with one of the most celebrated ingredients used in European desserts – the dark chocolate. And the result is a harmonious …

Caramel Banana Coffee Cake

This insanely delicious banana coffee cake is made of four simple layers: coffee yoghurt sponge, caramel bananas, whipped cream, and caramelized almonds. It’s the easiest, quickest, most superb dessert cake you’ll ever assemble!

Simple Delights: From Baking Hobby to Business

When Sylvia Lee first dabbled in baking, she didn’t anticipate that her hobby will turn into a full-time business. The mother of two tried her hand at baking 15 years ago mainly because she found cakes from bakeries were getting more expensive, and she was concerned about the ingredients that went into them. “I thought to myself, maybe I can try making these cakes myself. I tried to recall my home science days,” she says, referring to a class once …

Couture Cakes – Made at Home

If it were not for a chance conversation with a friend, award-winning home baker Khoo Li Ying might never have realised her talents in the kitchen. During a chat one day, Khoo’s friend mentioned working with fondant, an edible icing used to decorate cakes. “My friend said it was easy, like playing with Play-Doh,” Khoo recalls. Khoo had always enjoyed working with her hands and creating art pieces, and the comment caught her attention. When her daughter’s first birthday was …