Recipe Secrets: Keralan Banana Dessert

When you have a glut of something, what do you? Some cooks say that the best and most creative recipes come from times of abundance – bananas being a case in point. Home cook Mary Samuel grew up on a tea plantation near Dengkil, about 40 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Her mother always cultivated many banana trees and it was up to the rest of the household to find creative ways to use them during harvest season. The family was …

Your Banana Bread Horoscope

Madame Zucchini here for more gastrological wisdom. As foretold (by the calendar), February 23 is Banana Bread Day – but which banana bread recipe is the most auspicious for you? Aquarius: Classic Banana Bread You’re an old soul, and you believe that the cookbooks of the 1930s (around when baking soda became popular) that first started praising the simple cake made from the pulp of overripe bananas had it right. The universe will reward your traditionalism with a hardy, softly …

Cinnamon and Banana Pancakes

Say it with sweetness this Valentine’s Day. This pancake recipe takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Be it breakfast in bed for a party of two, or a treat at the table for the whole family, add your favourite fresh fruit and maple syrup to take this to the next level.

Mini Pandan Bun with Caramelized Banana Jam

Our banana kaya uses less sugar and has a curd-like rich creamy texture just like the original kaya. The usage of pandan extract makes these buns so decadent as the creamy banana custard wrapped in a soft, fragrant bun that makes for the perfect sweet treat. INGREDIENTS 160 gram bread flour 15 gram plain flour 50 gram sugar 5 gram active dry yeast 50 gram water 25 gram natural pandan concentrate 1 A sized egg 25 gram salted butter 120 …