Hokkien Ngoh Hiang

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! This unique Hokkien and Teochew dish is filled with all the goodness in each roll, and it will never be enough for everybody! Here’s bringing to you Hokkien Ngoh Hiang and this recipe is brought to you by ShareFood.sg contributor Irene Tan, where she shares her Ah Ma’s recipe. When a recipe is passed down from generations to generations, that’s when you know it’s good! Full post here.

Five Spice Meat Roll (Ngoh Hiang)

Wu Xiang, also known as “Ngoh Hiang” or “Lor Bak” is a common Hokkien and Teochew dish widely adopted in many regions of Malaysia and Singapore. It is essentially a composition of various meats and vegetables and other ingredients, seasoned with five-spice powder (Hokkien:五香粉, ngó͘-hiong-hún) after which it is named, rolled inside a thin beancurd sheet and deep-fried to golden brown. This recipe makes 20 mini sized Wu Xiang meat rolls.

Earl Grey Tea-Brined Roasted Chicken

This recipe may seem complex, but it is perfect for Christmas celebration. First brined in Earl-Grey tea, then coated in a flavour-packed rub featuring white pepper powder, five spice, and then brushed with maltose and rice wine solution, this chicken dish is sure to impress your diners.

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Thai Basil Chicken Sliders

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