Quick & Easy: How To Steam Fish!

There are many ways to cook a delicious fish – you can fry it, poach it, and even grind it into a paste for fish skewers or fish cakes. Steaming it, however, remains a popular method of cooking fish, particularly among Asian households, as it brings out the fish’s naturally sweet flavour while retaining the flesh’s soft and flaky texture. This cooking method is also relatively easy for beginners and a good option if you’re pinched for time. You don’t …

Lucky CNY Dishes and Their Symbolism

Non-native Chinese speakers who try to pick up the language are often amused to discover that different words can possess the same pronunciations while taking on entirely different meanings and characteristics. For instance, the word “no”, pronounced as 不(bù), shares the same pronunciation as 布, which is Chinese for cloth. Being a superstitious bunch, the Chinese have used this similarity in pronunciation to associate luck, prosperity, and good health with a list of foods and dishes typically eaten during Chinese …

Cooking With ‘Stinky’ Tofu

Fermented tofu has been called the “blue cheese of Asia”, and it’s not hard to see – or rather, smell – why. This pungent ingredient has earned a reputation as an acquired taste, but if used effectively it can dress up otherwise ordinary dishes. First, a little fermented tofu 101. The most common type consists of tofu cubes in mould. Fermentation breaks down the protein of the bean curd, leaving it with a softer, creamier and smoother texture. The cubes are soft …

Star Anise Secrets

If you’re familiar with Chinese cuisine, then star anise, with its distinctive, eight-pointed shape, will be no stranger to your kitchen. Its distinctive taste – with even more of the same compound that gives ordinary anise and liquorice their unique flavour – packs a huge punch in that small, pointy package and represents one of the five major spices in Chinese cooking. Those less accustomed to cooking Chinese dishes might not consider star anise a very versatile spice. How could …

Mini Taro Nest

Taro nest is a classic Chinese banquet dish which is a favourite of many. Mashed taro is formed into nests, deep fried to crispy and used as the base for chicken or vegetable fillings. Opt for palm based shortening that is trans-fat free. We use fresh crab meat and chilli sauce as topping in this classic rendition. This recipe makes 10 mini sized taro nests.

Hokkien Ngoh Hiang

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! This unique Hokkien and Teochew dish is filled with all the goodness in each roll, and it will never be enough for everybody! Here’s bringing to you Hokkien Ngoh Hiang and this recipe is brought to you by ShareFood.sg contributor Irene Tan, where she shares her Ah Ma’s recipe. When a recipe is passed down from generations to generations, that’s when you know it’s good! Full post here.