Your Easy 3-Step Brownie Recipe

Who doesn’t love brownies? Do a quick online search for brownie recipes and you’ll find thousands of different ways to make this popular chocolate dessert. There’s fudgy brownies, brownies with cracked tops, gooey chocolate brownies… the list goes on. Today’s recipe will give you a classic chocolate brownie, but with an added twist – we’ve got a decadent chocolate glaze to top off your dessert! For a fun touch, you can add rainbow sprinkles on top of the glaze, or …

Milo Dinosaur Yule Log Cake

Would you like a hot chocolate? Southeast Asians will tell you Milo please! This beloved drink has been upgraded into many variations such as Milo Dinosaur and even Milo Godzilla. It has also been used in many other dessert recipes such as Milo cake, Milo brownies, Milo cupcakes, or even Milo dinosaur cake as 7-11 did for National day this year. But for this Christmas in 2019, our friends at Share Food take these local Milo dessert recipes up a …

Cake Pop

A cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop. Cake crumbs are mixed with buttercream frosting, and formed into small spheres or cubes in the same way as cake balls, before being given a coating of melted chocolate, and then sprinkled with decorations and attached to lollipop sticks. This recipe uses KENWOOD Kflex. This recipe makes 16 – 18 cake pops.

Surabaya Cake

In Surabaya, spiku Surabaya refers to a three-layered cake, prepared using a different technique. Two batter mixes are prepared, one with naturally produced yellow colour, the other mixed with cocoa powder to produce a dark brown colour. The batter mixes are poured into two different baking tin and baked in the oven. To assemble, the cake is layered on top of the other with a thin layer of fruit jam in between.

Lemuel: Mad About Chocolate

Ronald Ng has set himself the mission of educating Singaporeans about the richness and complexities of single origin chocolate. Ng has spent over 30 years in the chocolate business and wants his compatriots to know that there is much more to chocolate than what you find in supermarkets. Store-bought products feature just a small fraction of real chocolate, he says. So while you may enjoy a handful of M&Ms or Reese Buttercups, what you are ingesting is not quite the …

Mandarin and Dark Chocolate Entremets

An entremets is a multi-layered dessert cake with various complementary flavours and different textural contrasts. Many scoff at the idea that entremets are difficult to construct, because it involves more than one recipe to assemble, but when eaten as one, one would be amazed at how well these different components come together. In this recipe, we combine Mandarin orange with one of the most celebrated ingredients used in European desserts – the dark chocolate. And the result is a harmonious …