Valentine Sugar Cookies

Ever thought of doing cookies as giveaways but the thought of having to decorate them with icing and all, then cracking your head how to pack before all that icing melts away? Finally a decorated Sugar Cookie without all the worries to make & share this Valentine’s. The best part you can premake the dough way ahead, a definite thumbs up for the busy cookie lover

What is Your Cookie Dough Horoscope?

The stars have aligned, and so have the pastry mixers. Open your mind to these twelve cookie dough recipes (safe and specially designed to be eaten uncooked) and see what culinary guidance lies in the chocolate chips and raisins. Aries: Chocolate chip cookie dough pizza Your various responsibilities swirl like tapioca pearls in a blender, so find your centre…the centre of a thick, rich cookie dough pizza with a chocolate chip crust! This recipe is eggless but soft and reminds you, …

Alphonso Mango Bar Cookies

Alphonso mango is a seasonal fruit grown in India, considered to be among the most superior varieties of the fruit in terms of sweetness, richness and flavour. Here we use it as topping for the delicious bar cookies, if it is difficult get a hold of fresh Alphonso in where you live, you can always opt for the canned version, just make a visit to your nearby Indian food store (such as Mustapha) and you will be spoilt with choices of Alphonso products on …

Ondeh Ondeh Cookies

A buttery and irresistibly sweet recipe from our friends at Sharefood.sg! The indulgent butterscotch and gula melaka match perfectly with the buttery cookie base, making this Ondeh Ondeh Cookies a favourite for any dessert fan. A recipe from home cook Faeez, who shares her passion for baking on her website.

Brown Rice Almond Cookies

These delicious cookies are a breeze to make anytime you’ve got a craving for some nibbles. The nutty flavour of the brown rice pairs beautifully with the almond powder. Plus, because they’re made with brown rice flour they’re completely gluten free! This recipe will take you about 30 minutes, so they’re great for an impromptu tea time. This recipe uses the Titanium XL 6.7L – KVL8300S. Ingredients 50 gram brown rice flour 25 gram almond powder 20 gram icing sugar …

Gluten Free Brown Rice Puffs

This simple brown rice snack is the ultimate in pure, guilt-free snacking. Brown rice is packed with magnesium, fibre and protein and in this recipe it stands alone. Without the added calories from additives, this snack is the perfect choice when you’re peckish for some crunchy snacking. Ingredients 100 grams rice 180 ml Water salt and black pepper to taste Method 1. Cook brown rice in boiling water until fully done. 2. Season with salt and pepper and mix. 3. …