A Comprehensive Guide to Yu Sheng

Writer Jo-ann Huang investigates a Lunar New Year tradition specific to Southeast Asia that has confounded her for over a decade At Chinese New Year, few dishes are as divisive as Yu Sheng. Do you revel in the ritual, tossing veggies as high as you can? Or do you have to be dragged kicking and screaming by your elders, rolling your eyes at how silly and superstitious it seems? Perhaps it’s less the ritual than the actual dish itself. While …

Eat as the Romans Eat: The Mediterranean Diet

Welcome to the Mediterranean Diet. Or as they call it in southern Italy, Greece and Spain: Food. (Just kidding.) The Mediterranean Diet isn’t merely Mediterranean-style cuisine, but a whole dietary regimen inspired by the health benefits of olive oil, fish, wine, nuts and vegetables common to the region. A diet style that evokes lounging on a veranda while enjoying the balmy breezes of the Adriatic, it’s gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. But the Mediterranean Diet has …

Sweet and Sour Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw

Every dish that is served during Chinese New Year has an auspicious meaning behind it! Our friends at ShareFood.sg bring you this recipe prepared by Jessie Koey, who is a stay home mum and a recipe blogger. In her home town back in Malaysia, this is a family classic dish – Sweet and Sour Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw. The recipe is below, and you can read their full post here.

Otak-Otak Popiah

This recipe pays homage to the southern Malaysian town of Muar in Johor, where it is known to be a popular destination for otak-otak; people from surrounding states and Singapore often visit to buy the famous delicacy in bulk. Though there are many variations of otak-otak available throughout the entire South East Asia countries, this version is as close as to the one commonly found in Johor and Singapore.

Kemaman Fat Boy: Keropok Ikan

After moving to Kuala Lumpur, Jayden Koay notice something fishy: the local keropok just wasn’t up to scratch. The keropok (fish crackers) in the capital had a sour taste; he suspected there was too much flour in the recipe. He longed for the fried keropok from his hometown of Kemaman, on Malaysia’s east coast. This gave Koay an idea. If he wanted good keropok, others in Kuala Lumpur probably did too. There might even be enough demand to support a business. He also …

PopTani: Pop-Up Farms for Urbanites

Despite its name, social enterprise Poptani wants pop-up farms in Kuala Lumpur to be more than just short-term ventures. The group was inspired by “pop-up” stores – a method of flash retailing where stores open and then disappear soon after. Poptani member Ashaari Rahmat says they want as many urban farms to “pop up” as possible in the city but for them to become a regular source of food residents. The team played around with the “pop up” term and …