Food Prep

Food Prep

Five Spice Meat Roll (Ngoh Hiang)

Wu Xiang, also known as “Ngoh Hiang” or “Lor Bak” is a common Hokkien and Teochew dish widely adopted in many regions of Malaysia and Singapore. It is essentially a composition of various meats and vegetables and other ingredients, seasoned with five-spice powder (Hokkien:五香粉, ngó͘-hiong-hún) after which it is named, rolled inside a thin beancurd sheet and deep-fried to golden brown. This recipe makes 20 mini sized Wu Xiang meat rolls.

Share Food: The One-Stop Platform for Asian Home Cooking

As those who have recently moved out of the family nest will no doubt attest, there is nothing better than a home-cooked dish lovingly made by your mother. This was precisely how Share Food co-founder Loo Pei Wen came to be missing the comforting herbal soups her mother used to make. “My mum used to cook soup every single day for me, even during my secondary school days. She was a housewife then, and when she went out to work …

Otak-Otak Popiah

This recipe pays homage to the southern Malaysian town of Muar in Johor, where it is known to be a popular destination for otak-otak; people from surrounding states and Singapore often visit to buy the famous delicacy in bulk. Though there are many variations of otak-otak available throughout the entire South East Asia countries, this version is as close as to the one commonly found in Johor and Singapore.

Earl Grey Tea-Brined Roasted Chicken

This recipe may seem complex, but it is perfect for Christmas celebration. First brined in Earl-Grey tea, then coated in a flavour-packed rub featuring white pepper powder, five spice, and then brushed with maltose and rice wine solution, this chicken dish is sure to impress your diners.

Peanut Butter: How to Make It and How to Cook with It

There are a lot of reasons peanut butter is the ultimate spread: it’s tasty, easy to eat, lasts a long time in storage, pairs with all sorts of other foods and – with plenty of energy, protein and fibre – packs a surprising nutritional punch. But that’s not all – it’s also very easy to make at home! Of course, without commercial-grade equipment (or artificial emulsifiers and stabilisers) it is difficult to replicate the impossible smoothness of the factory-made stuff, but homemade peanut …

Turmeric: The Little Spice that Could

If there is one quintessential Southeast Asian spice, a flavour that divides East and West and sets the beef and potatoes of Germany and Britain from the exotic aromas of Malaysia and India, it would be turmeric… aka the Golden Spice. Pungent and powerful with mysterious health benefits, the root of the turmeric plant is an ancient, foundational ingredient used in dishes, traditional medicine and even dye from India to China. Keeping a little turmeric on your spice rack can …