Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Making Your First Sourdough Loaf, Part One

In this two-part series, Love Wholesome’s resident recipe tester Jo-ann Huang walks you through making a yeast starter for a delicious sourdough loaf. Sourdough bread is probably the ultimate form of bread making. First of all, it uses wild yeast, which takes at least a week to make. And then there is its trademark chewy, golden-brown-to-dark-brown crust, as well as its soft, open crumb. Anyone who tries real sourdough is likely to swear off the store-bought stuff for good. With …

Spiralized Vegetable Spring Rolls

Quick and easy, these Spiralized Vegetable Spring Rolls are a healthy and simple treat to make. Be it a snack or a meal, these spring rolls are a completely portable to-go option that is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Why a Food Processor Beats a Blender in Your Kitchen

Bright fluorescent lights, an expansive floor of kitchen appliances large enough to confuse even Gordon Ramsey, and salespeople who promise the world – visiting an appliance store can be an assault on your senses. Sometimes it’s better to stop and take a time out. When it comes to furnishing that kitchen of yours, it’s wise to consider what all these appliances can do for you, which of them you really need, and how you can get the most bang for your …

Tomato and Feta Tartlets

For a picnic under the sun or a bite-sized party snack, these Tomato and Feta Tartlets are the perfect treat to whip up. A yummy and easy-to-make healthy bite, these sumptuous treats are almost effortless.

Spinach Fatayer

Spinach Fatayers, or spinach stuffed pies, are triangular little savoury pastries that are a beloved Lebanese treat. Light, delicious and healthy, these treats are the perfect pre-meal snack that can be easily whipped up to whet any appetite.

Chips and Dips for Movie Nights

There’s nothing like a weekend in with good friends and good food. Health experts, though, warn against snacking and watching TV at the same time. The problem is that when you’re binging the latest Netflix series, it’s easy to stop paying attention to what you are eating. You could easily finish a tub of ice cream and or an entire large pizza without realising it. While we should be eating mindfully, when you have friends over it’s no fun if …