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How To

Cook Up a Storm this Lunar New Year with Cooking Classes

It’s that time of year once again to feast on your favourite Chinese New Year delicacies. But instead of paying high prices for reunion dinners at Chinese restaurants or buying branded snacks, why not try preparing some of these dishes at home? If you are still struggling to get just the right levels of sweet, sour and buttery in your pineapple tarts, you are in luck. Several cooking and baking schools in Singapore are offering a series of classes specifically …

Share Food: The One-Stop Platform for Asian Home Cooking

As those who have recently moved out of the family nest will no doubt attest, there is nothing better than a home-cooked dish lovingly made by your mother. This was precisely how Share Food co-founder Loo Pei Wen came to be missing the comforting herbal soups her mother used to make. “My mum used to cook soup every single day for me, even during my secondary school days. She was a housewife then, and when she went out to work …

Otak-Otak Popiah

This recipe pays homage to the southern Malaysian town of Muar in Johor, where it is known to be a popular destination for otak-otak; people from surrounding states and Singapore often visit to buy the famous delicacy in bulk. Though there are many variations of otak-otak available throughout the entire South East Asia countries, this version is as close as to the one commonly found in Johor and Singapore.

Taking the Guesswork out of Baking

For novices and first-timers, baking can be very hit or miss: it either goes very right (rarely) or very, very wrong (more likely). Help is at hand. Gregory Ong is the founder of Bakestarters, a Singaporean company that creates baking kits complete with step-by-step instruction cards and video tutorials. His aim is to make it possible for anyone to get baking right the first time around. This can be those new to baking, but also old hands who are attempting …

Types of Flour and Their Uses

Flour, merely powdered wheat kernels, is one of the simplest ingredients in the kitchen. And yet, many of us are daunted when confronted by myriad flour options in the supermarket: bleached, unbleached, whole grain, pastry flour, all-purpose flour and more. Here is a brief guide to help raise your understanding of flour. What is flour, exactly? The short answer is that flour is simply dried, powdered wheat kernels. But factors such as which parts of the kernel are used and …

Lentils and Brown Rice Vadai

Brown rice is a grain, lentils is a legume, we combine the two for this really delicious and wholesome vadai packed with vegetarian protein. Makes approximately 15 portions.