Egg White Layer Cake

This recipe calls for egg whites left over after making the original cake lapis or cake Surabaya. As it is a wonderful way to use up extra egg whites. You can use thick coconut cream such as KARA instead of just milk for a smoother mouthfeel.

8 Must-Have Raya Treats

The festival of Hari Raya Aidilfitri – known elsewhere as Eid al-Fitr – marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, and will be celebrated in early June. Hari Raya is associated with a wide range of delicious curries, sweets and snacks – here are eight of our favourites to savour this year. 1. Ketupat This Hari Raya dish is an iconic symbol of Eid – to the point that it doubles as a festive decoration that …

Cempedak Cake Lapis

The cake lapis, a musthave in the goodies spread during Aidilfitri celebrations, now comes in a variety of additions. Here we introduce the cempedak cake lapis where ripe cempedak flesh is blended into puree and mixed into the dough; a thin layer of which will then be arranged on top of every layer of cake during the baking process. INGREDIENTS 340 gram butter 15 gram condensed milk 400 gram whole eggs 151 gram icing sugar 100 gram superfine flour 80 …