Quick & Cosy Lunch Idea: Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy, filling, with just the right amount of sweetness. If you’re hard-pressed for time, this sweet potato soup recipe is great to make ahead and heat up whenever you need a fast lunch. This recipe uses coconut milk to achieve a silky smooth texture, and a little bit of orange juice for a barely-there citrus kick! We like pairing this comforting soup with a toasted slice of sourdough bread.

Slicing Onions Doesn’t Always Have to be a Tearful Affair.

From fresh salads to hearty stews, onions are a key ingredient in many dishes. They are loved for their natural sweetness and are used in classic kitchen staples like pasta sauce and Asian stir-fries. The humble yet versatile onion can even be separated into rings and dipped into the batter to be deep-fried into onion rings, or caramelised and served in sandwiches and burgers. But there is one other thing that onions are notorious for – bringing people to tears. …


Bland and mushy. Some have even coined this vegetable as “tasteless”. The humble cauliflower’s plain flavours may not appeal to most, but it happens to be a great ingredient to soak up flavours from spices in your aloo gobi, or potato and cauliflower curry, and work well in a tempura dish. Either battered with flour and fried, or paired with melted cheese – there are many ways to “spice” up the cauliflower.  With new emerging food trends, we’re finding many …

Is Vegan-Friendly Coconut Nectar the New “Agave”?

Natural sweeteners are all the rage in vegan-friendly or vegetarian kitchens, with products like coconut nectar or agave syrup appearing in everything from desserts to baked goods and breakfasts. Vegetarian or vegan cooks are employing these naturally sourced sweeteners not only for their perceived health benefits but also due to the widespread use of bone char in sugar production. Many manufacturers use bone char to decolourise or bleach sugars through an absorption process. Bone char is a byproduct of slaughtered cattle …

The Fuss About Fibre

We talk a lot about fibre ‘round these parts – and with good reason! Fibre is both one of the most important micronutrients and most ignored, with the majority of us not getting enough. But what is fibre anyway? And why do we need it? You need it, and you probably don’t get enough of it Think of fibre like the janitor of your gut, keeping everything clean and tidy with its big, many-bristled broom. Fibre is a structural component …

Easy Vegetable Spring Rolls

Quick and easy, these Vegetable Spring Rolls are a healthy and simple treat to make. Be it a snack or a meal, these spring rolls are a completely portable to-go option that is sure to be a hit with everyone.