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A Chocolate Treat You Can’t Resist: Kuih Tapak Kuda

For our friends in Johor Bahru, Singapore or Brunei, this will be an all-time favourite Raya treat! Kuih Tapak Kuda, or sometimes known as “hoof roll” because of its resemblance to a hoof, is essentially a rich roll cake filled with chocolate cream. Or you could add hazelnut cream too – it’s the baker’s choice! This recipe uses KENWOOD Titanium Mixer.

Making The Perfect Afternoon Snack: Puteri Ayu Pandan

A common sight at any Ramadan bazaar, these sweet mini pandan sponge cakes are made with fragrant pandan-infused batter. They are then steamed in moulds – similar to a bundt cake mould – with grated coconut pressed at the bottom. The final product? A fluffy little snow-capped sponge cake, bite-sized and perfect for snacking. The best part about this recipe is that it uses fresh ingredients, but it’s still easy to execute! This recipe makes 10 – 12 little cakes. …

A Purple and White Delight: Making Kuih Talam Keladi

Kuih Talam Keladi (talam means tray and keladi means yam) is part of the talam family, where you will find two-layer kuihs steamed in trays. Not as commonly seen as the other kuehs, but it’s just as delicious! The top layer is made from coconut milk and rice flour, and the bottom layer is flavoured with pandan. Perfect for Sahur or for Buka Puasa, the recipe that we are sharing features a combination of taro and purple sweet potatoes, giving …

Kuih Permata Reinvented: A Sapphire-Gem Treat

“Permata” literally translates to gemstone, this is a traditional Malay kuih that mimics the colour of a sapphire stone, which is achieved by using the extract of the butterfly pea flower. The combination of mango gives a bright burst of flavour and also marks the beginning of the fruit’s season that is also in conjunction with the Eid festival. This recipe makes 10 pieces of kuih. This recipe is made possible with a KENWOOD Titanium Mixer.


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