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Taking the Guesswork out of Baking

For novices and first-timers, baking can be very hit or miss: it either goes very right (rarely) or very, very wrong (more likely).

5 Chicken Soup Recipes You Never Thought Of

There is really nothing like a bowl of Western-style chicken soup. Its warm, golden broth, light-yet-meaty texture and amazingly simple recipe has been passed down ...

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Eat Like The King: The Elvis Diet!

Elvis Presley would have been 84 this week, but what’s the King of Rock and Roll doing on a home cooking blog? Well, Elvis wasn’t ...

Debunking Detox: Why Cleanse Diets Don’t Hold Water

It’s easy to toss the word “detox” or “cleansing” into a health ad. Whether it’s Dr Oz describing the “cleansing” effects of his 10-day detox ...

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